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EL34 ClassAB push-pull integrated amplifier
Maximum output: 35W+35W (8ohms)
Frequency response: 10Hz- 100 kHz (+/- 4dB)
Total distortion: 0.1%(1kHz)
SN level: 90dB Input sensitivity: 0.4V
Input impedance: 100k ohm
Output: 6 and 8 ohm speaker taps and one headphone terminal
Input terminals: 4 (front 1, rear 3)
Output terminals: 1 (rec out 1)
Tube Compliments: 4- EL ?34 1-12AX7(ECC83) 2- 12AU7 (EC82)
Power consumption: 120watts(no signal), max 240watts
Weight: 15kg
Dimension: W340mm * D315mm * H 185mm