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TRV-88SE KT88 push-pull integrated / power amplifier
Maximum output: 35W+35W (8ohms)
output tube: -- KT88 AB class push pull
3 inputs RCA (the one front part and the two rears) one preamplifier input, tape-out recording 1 line
Fequency response 10Hz- 100 kHz (-1,-4dB)
SNlevel 90dB
output:impedance 6 / 8ohm
Total distortion < 0.1%(1kHz)
Input sencitivity 0.7V
Tubes KT88 * 4 , 12AU7(ECC82) * 2, 12AX7(ECC83) * 1 
head phone terminal
Power sanction min 100watts/ max 220watts
KOA highly precise resistor use
USA quality speaker terminal use
outside size:340Wx185Hx315Dmm
Tube cover、Wooden side plates, AC cable